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2011March10 Paper ASurveyofNoorlowcostStatisticalSoftwarePackagesforBusinessStatisticsAIBSW2011 presented at the Academy

          of International Business U.S. Southwest Chapter Conference in Houston, Texas, U. S. A.


2010 October 9 Power point presentation 2010ACETmyCafePresentationOctober9.pdf given at the 46th Annual Association for Computer Educators in Texas

          Conference “IT: Mapping the Future” October 7-9, 2010 in League City, Texas


2009November13 power point presentation AMATYC2009ZeroOut given at the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year

          Colleges (AMATYC) Conference “High Expectations” in Las Vegas, Nevada. Available through


2009October9 Student Presentations at the Association of Computer Educators in Texas (ACET) conference “A Bridge to the Future” in Corpus Christi,

          Texas. ACET2009StudentPresentationsConferenceProgramReport


2009August6 power point presentation ClickingwithClass given at the Mathematical Association of America MathFest 2009 in Portland, Oregon with an

example of power point presentation on descriptive statistics for in-service teachers MathFest2009AClassroomResponseSystemforInserviceTeachersDescriptiveStatisticsPretest and MathFest2009AClassroomResponseSystemforStatisticswithanswerkey


2009March27 power point presentation given for the University of Houston System at the University of Houston-Downtown 2009 Conference on Student

 Success: Academics, Careers, Engagement ImprovingPassRateswithSupplementalInstruction03272009


2009March13power point presentation given at the ICTCM in New Orleans, LA 2009march13ICTCMAClassroomResponseSystemforBusinessStatistics


2008October 6 power point presentation given at the UHD Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department Elias Deeba Memorial Seminar in Houston,

          Texas    StatisticsWithExcel2007CMSSemiaron10062008  10062008CMSStatisticsWithExcel2007


2008October3 power point presentation given at the Association for Computer Educators in Texas (ACET) Conference in Austin, Texas

          ACET10032008StatisticsWithExcel2007     EXCEL2007ComputerAssignmnetIdirectionsfordescriptivestatistics    



2008March18Paper submitted for the Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual International Conference on Technology in

 Collegiate Mathematics 2008ICTCM1301May18CHOOSINGANONON-LINEHOMEWORKDELIVERSYSTEMImprovingpassratesthroughtechnology.mht


2008March07 power point presentation Choosing an Online Homework Delivery System given at the Twentieth Annual

          International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics in San Antonio, Texas.



2008March03power point presentation A Report on Choosing an Online Homework Delivery System given at the

Elias Y. Deeba Memorial Computer and Mathematical Sciences Seminar at the University of Houston-Downtown in

Houston, Texas. 2008march03AReportonChoosinganOnlineHomeworkDeliverySystemCMSversion.ppt


2007October 12th power point presentation Choosing a Web Based Homework Delivery System given at the ACET

          Conference in San Antonio, Texas ACET10122007ChoosingaWebBasedHomeworkDeliverySystem.mht

            Leveille, N. (2007). ACETOctober122007ChoosingaWebBasedHomeworkDeliverySystem.mht



2007September11 power point presentation "Technology for Pre-service Teachers" given at The Mathematics Education

          into the 21st Century Project Conference Mathematics Education in a Global Community in Charlotte, North

          Carolina TechnologyforPre-serviceTeacherspp


Leveille, N. (2007). Technology for Pre-Service Teachers 2007TechnologyforPreserviceTeachers.mht


2007June16 power point presentation “Supplemental Instruction and Mathematics” given at the AMATYC Southwest

          Regional Conference p - Alamo – Ed in San Antonio, Texas 2007June16SupplementalInstructionandMathematics




2004November6powerpoint presentation for the Workshop "Do Counting Books Add Up?" given at the NCTM Regional

          Conference in New Orleans, LouisiannaNCTMWorkshop11-6-04Docounting booksaddup.htm