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Syllabus for COLLEGE ALGEBRA Fall 2007

Math 1301-10074 at 8:30-9:45am TR in B140

 Text: Rockswold, G. (2008). Essentials of College Algebra with Modeling and Visualization, 3rd Ed. Boston: Addison-Wesley.



Test I………   1/6……T, September 11

Test II……..    1/6……R, October 11

Test III……     1/6……T, November 20

MyMathLab Homework…1/12 daily

Time, Effort, etc…………1/12…daily

Final……….    1/3……T, December 11, 2007 at 8:30-11am in B140



            This course with a C, or better, is a prerequisite for

Business Majors: Math 1306 or Math 1305

Math and Science Majors: Math 1302 (B or better is required for Math 1505.)

            College-level topics in algebra including variation, systems of equations and inequalities, nonlinear inequalities, functions and their graphs, quadratic equations and functions, complex numbers, exponential and logarithmic functions, the algebra of functions, lines, plane analytic geometry, and applications related to these topics

            Any student enrolled in this course can use the Academic Support Center in 925N. The Center offers free tutorial assistance, videotapes, and computers with web access on a walk-in basis.

            YOU are expected to come to every class, be on time, take notes, read the textbook, do the homework corresponding to the material discussed in class, correct your own homework, ask questions, and participate in a positive manner in class. All work passed in for credit must have your name on it and all relevant work. See me with any questions that I did not answer in class.

            NO make ups will be given. If you miss a test, see me as soon as possible. I will do your current average, discuss your options, and you will be given a required test to do for homework points.

            A student who earns 50% of better on the Final Exam and who has an average of 90-100 will receive an A, 80-89 a B, 70-79 a C, 60-69 a D, otherwise you will receive a grade of  F.

            There will be no classes M, September 3rd; November 21-25th.  Last day to withdraw is R, October 25, 2007. The last day of class is Sat, December 1st. If you want scrap paper on the Final, pass in a blue book on our last day of class which is R, November 29th.


Grades available at www.uhd.edu from e-services as of noon December 20th.


Suggestions from the Fall 2007 class for being successful:

            Prepare to treat this class as a summer school course. The material is covered very fast. Make sure you can do the MyMathLab problems and the book problems, so when the instructor asks a

                        question a different way you won’t get stumped.

            Easy ways to doing problems and also the hardways. Step by step.

Pay attention from the very beginning cause if you don’t you will be lost. Ask questions and do all of your work.

Read the book and do the work on MyMathLab multiple times.

Advice for being successful is go to class (like I did of course) and always keep up with your homework on MyMathLab. Also always do the quizzes, they help out. And of course study!

Do the homework! Practice, Practice, Practice

Make sure to read the chapters. Take advantage of the tutors in N925 and complete all work for credit!

Study and review all math problems from MyMathLab, they will help the most when taking any test.