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Syllabus for BEGINNING ALGEBRA Fall 2010                              

Math 0300 –11675 (3 non-degree credit hours) at 10 - 11:15am TR in B106

Math 0300 – 10432 (3 non-degree credit hours) at 1 - 2:15am TR in A608   

Textbooks: Beginning & Intermediate Algebra, 4th Edition, by E. Martin-Gay, Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458.

                Math Study Skills, A. Bass, Pearson Education, Inc., 75 Arlington Street, Suite 300, Boston, MA 02116.

Evaluation …Value … Date
Test I..................1/6..... R, September 16
Test II.................1/6.... R, October 7
Test III................1/6.... T, November 2

Time & Effort...1/6

Department MyMathLab Assignments (1/12)

Daily Class Work (1/12)
Final.................. 1/3.....         10:00 - 12:30 on T, Dec 14th in B106

                Or            1-3:30pm on R, Dec 16th in A608


    This course with a C, or better, is a prerequisite for Math 1300. This course is intended to build and reinforce the essential geometry, arithmetic and algebraic skills needed for intermediate algebra (MATH 1300). Topics include real numbers and their properties, order of operations and simplifying real-valued expressions, simplifying algebraic expressions, solving linear equations and inequalities, an introduction to the Cartesian coordinate system and stated problems.
    Any student enrolled in this course is expected to use the Academic Support Center in 925N. The Math Lab Center offers tutoring, videotapes, and computers with web access.  
    You are expected to come to every class, be on time, take notes, read the textbook, do the homework corresponding to the material discussed in class, ask questions, and participate in a positive manner in class. All work passed in for credit must have your name, book’s page and section number, and all relevant work. Your questions must be indicated by a ? in the margin to catch my attention.

NO make ups will be given. If you miss a quiz, do "additional points" work to make up points. If you miss a test, see me as soon as possible (I will do your current average, we can discuss your options, and you will be given a required test to do for “Daily Class Work” points.).
      No student-supplied calculators may be used during any testing.
      There will be no classes September 6th, November 24-28th: December 6-7th.    

The university last class day is Saturday, December 4th. No later than the last day of class, R December 2nd, pass in a scantron with your information on it for the Final Exam.                                                                                         Grades available at www.uhd.edu/eservices  as of 12 noon T, December 21, 2010. 

See attached MATH 0300 STUDENT SYLABUS for CMS Department policies. See attached MyMathLab directions sheet for homework information.

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