Some History Timelines In Computer Science,

Mathematics And Statistics


Computer Science

A Brief History of Computing - Summary Timeline, Stephen White

Carbons to Computers Historical Timeline (Timelines of Invention and Technology), About, Inc.

A Chronology of Digital Computing Machines, Mark Brader

Chronology of Personal Computers, Ken Polsson

Computer Chronicles From Stone to Silicon, ThinkQuest Inc.

History of Computer

History of Computers,

A History of Computers, Maxfield and Montrose Interactive Inc.


The History of Computers, San Diego State University, Computers in Biomedical Research (Bio 595)

History of Computing Devices in Mathematics, Denis Beveridge

History of Computing, Virginia Montecino

History of Computing Timeline, IEEE Computing Society

The History of Modern Computers and their Inventors, About, Inc.

Hobbes' Internet timeline v5.6, Robert H. Zakon

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Welcome to the History of Supercomputing, Oak Ridge National Laboratory







Galileo and Einstein Overview and Lecture Index, Michael Fowler

Math 490: History Timeline

Physics Timeline

Timeline of the History of Mathematics - People & Events, Eclectic Homeschool Online

A Timeline of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, the Official String Theory Website



AP Statistics: History of Statistics - Timeline,

History of Statistics - Timeline

History of Statistics Timeline, Daniel J. Denis, York University, Toronto, Ontario

Milestones in the History of Thematic Cartography, Statistical Graphics, and Data Visualization